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How to start conducting search in IP Online Portal?

1. Sign up as IP Online Portal user either as corporate, individual or agent user via online user registration form provided in IP Online Portal website.

2. Agents who have the agent ID issued by MyIPO must register as agent user with IP Online Portal.

3. User registration is free.

4. No Digital ID is needed to conduct search in IP Online Portal.

5. Upon approval from IP Online Portal Administrator, an auto-generated e-mail that contains account information and prepaid balance will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

6. Start logon to IP Online Portal with your dedicated login ID and password, which you had previously created during the signing up process.

7. Upon successful login, click on ‘Search’ menu and choose submenu either 'Patent', 'Trademark', 'Industrial Designs', or Geographical Indications, whichever relates to your purpose.

8. Select your preferred account for payment purpose either one of the following options:

a. FPX

b. Credit Card

c. Prepaid Account

9. Click on ‘Agree’ button to proceed with ‘Simple Search’ function. Click on ‘Advanced Search’ button for more search option.


Search Module

Search Purpose

How to Search?

Trademark Simple Search

Application Status

Key in application number

Search on Trademark logo/figurative mark

Key in Vienna code(s) for related figure in 6- digit format.

Trademark Advanced Search

Search for applications applied by certain agent/applicant

Key in the applicant’s or the agent’s name in full or partly in ‘Search For Mark’ text field. Select the check box representing the ‘Agent’ or ‘Applicant’ in ‘Search In’ criteria.

Drill down the search for accurate search result.

The search can be based on the mark type either verbal (words), combined (contains picture and words), figurative (logo, picture only) or stylish verbal (words written in style).

The search can be made using combinations of search criteria including the classification of the mark.

Select more criteria from the choices provided. The Search In criteria is compulsory for every search run. The compulsory field is indicated by red asterisk (*). Other criteria are optional. The keyword field must have value.

Search Criteria:

Full text (simple search) – will search through all data by regular expression. The system will pick up the data whenever it finds the given keyword. The more the criteria are chosen, the higher the possibility of gaining accurate results.

Exact match - The system will pick up the data whenever it finds the given keyword exactly as it is. This will definitely minimize your search scope.

Phonetic – search by the pronunciation of the keyword given

Prefix – search for keyword that starts with the given keyword.

Suffix – search for keyword that ends with the given keyword.

Patent Simple Search

Application Status

Key in application number

Search by keyword of Patent title or content

The search engine will search through all data in database according to regular expression represented by the keyword entered.

Patent Advanced Search

Search can be made according to search criteria whichever meets to your purpose. The search can be based on applicant’s or owner’s name, inventor’s name, Patent’s title or abstract or patent granted number or application number

Check on one or more from the checkboxes provided. Each represents one criteria in Search Criteria, such as below.

1. Abstract
2. Title
3. Applicant/Owner
4. Inventor
5. Patent Number
6. Application Number

(Since 03-Feb-2010)






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