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Patent Online Filing

IP Online Portal provides filing of new Patent application, which consists of Patent Form 1 to Patent Form 21. Other supporting documents and forms can be uploaded during the filing process.

Preparation before getting started:

1. Prepare all documents in digital format, e.g. Priority Data, Form 17, Form 5 or Form 5A and etc.

2. Description and Claims are compulsory documents. They must be uploaded during the filing.

3. Separate the specifications into separate files: Claims, Abstract, Description, Drawings

4. Please ensure that your attachments are in these formats: DOC, PDF and TIF

5. If you are an agent, please prepare your Form 17 to be uploaded to IP Online Portal

6. Get your own Digital ID from MyIPO - https://digitalid.msctrustgate.com/MyIPO

7. Install your digital ID into your PC or save it to your secondary storage device e.g. thumb drive

8. Digital ID must be attached to your application.

9. Proceed with the payment. Check the fees in Pricing Scheme table.

10. Print a copy of Patent Form 1 form before you make the payment.

11. Print your Confirmation page upon successful filing.



(Since 03-Feb-2010)






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